Thursday, June 14, 2012

Not-a-Flannel Friday: My Daddy

Happy Flannel Friday!

I have been sad to miss the Flannel Friday Round-Up the past couple of weeks. :o(
But I am excited to be back just in time to share some fun activities to celebrate the wonderful Dads in our lives!

While searching for some NEW-to-me ideas for a Father's Day storytime, I had a bit of difficulty finding very much at all.  ( I may have to improve my searching skills because I am pretty sure there are some fun ideas out there somewhere! I just wasn't able to find them.)

After an extensive search that provided me with maybe two new ideas, I decided to share some of the things that I have used in the past. I'm pretty sure if I am looking for ideas then others are, too! ;o) 

My recent post, Books: My Daddy is Special!, provides a list of books ~ some tried-and-true and some brand-new ~ and also a few songs, rhymes, and fingerplays to help you celebrate that special person in your child's life. I hope you will take a quick look at the post. I enjoyed putting it together. :o)

This Flannel Friday post is an extension of my Dads post. I made a couple of magnetic board sets that can be used in a Father's Day or a Family storytime. I hope you enjoy them!

The first one is a tweaked version of "B-I-N-G-O". My similar version for M-O-M-M-Y can be found here. It was Flannel Friday-inspired by Mollie at What Happens in Storytime... so you could say that this D-A-D-D-Y version was also inspired by Mollie! ;o)

Here is the new version with cookies for Dad:

(Sung to: "B-I-N-G-O")

Watch for the surprise!

I have a very special friend 
And Daddy is his name-o!
And Daddy is his name-o!

Here comes the surprise!

Each cookie has a different Daddy on the other side!

So as you sing the song, each verse you will turn a cookie over to reveal a new Daddy.
For each new Daddy, you can add a kissing sound instead of singing the letter name.

For example, the 2nd verse would be:

I have a very special friend 
And Daddy is his name-o!
And Daddy is his name-o!

At the end, there will be 5 kisses and 5 Daddy faces ~ ready for the next activity. :o)

At this point when you have 5 faces, I ask my storytime friends, "How many Daddies do we have? 1-2-3-4-5." Then I suggest, "Why don't we wave goodbye to Kaleb's Daddy? Bye, Kaleb's Daddy!" The friends wave bye as I turn the cookie side up again. "Now how many Daddies do we have? 1-2-3-4." We continue saying goodbye to "So and so's Daddy" until there are no Daddies but we are back to 5 cookies. 1-2-3-4-5. Yum! Yum! 

And we are ready to do another song...

Down Around the Corner
(Sung to: "Five Little Ducks Went Out to Play")

Down around the corner at the bakery shop
Were five little cookies with a letter on top
Along came (Child's name) with a nickel to pay
He bought one for Daddy and took it away.

I found the song on a past Flannel Friday Round-Up and tweaked it for our Daddy celebration. As you sing the last line, it is a little rushed but it does work. :o)

Be sure and check out the cookie post at Mel's Desk where I got my inspiration for this song.

These magnetic board pieces were created out of colorful construction paper and glue. Each cookie was glued to the back of a circle with a Daddy on it and then laminated. Once they were all laminated, I added double-sided tape to each side so that they would stick to the board without detracting from the cookie or from Dad's handsome face. So easy and the children think it is magical since there is no magnet on either side. LOL!

The Daddy faces were inspired by Todd Parr's artwork in this book:

Aren't the Dads AWESOME?!!??!! I especially love the blue hair and glasses!! Ha ha!


  1. Love this! Such a cute idea!

    1. Thank you, Becky!

      I hope you are enjoying your weekend. :o)