Monday, June 25, 2012

Mr. Linky: Fun Blogs for Sharing Children's Books

~~~ Mr. Linky ~~~

This is a list of blogs that are written by creative men and women who enjoy sharing their love of books with young children and their families.

If you have a blog that you would like to add to this list, please enter your information below.

***I am testing several linky tools on my site over the next week or so. If you want to help test these tools, please click on the other posts (listed below) and enter your information into these lists, too.

I would appreciate any comments about your experience using one or all of these linky tools. I would love to hear what you think about things like ease of use, visual appeal, or any problems encountered while using these linky tools ~ whether you are entering your blog on the list or just visiting the blogs by way of the links.

Any and all comments are welcome! Thank you so much for helping me test these tools!

Here are the links to the other tools being tested:

Simply Linked



And here is the link up using:

 ~ Mr. Linky ~
(Click "Mr. Linky" to be taken to their website.)

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