Friday, June 22, 2012

Flannel Friday: The Crayon Box that Talked

Are you ready for a nice relaxing weekend? 

I know I am!

It is a cloudy day here in Florida ~ a little gloomy.

I hope it is sunny wherever you are! 

But, if not, then the book I am sharing this week will help to brighten your day with lots of colors. The illustrations are bright and bold which is perfect for a book about a box of crayons! 

Have you ever wondered what your crayons might say to each other when you aren't around? I know I have! LOL! 

This delightful book is about just that idea ~ a box of crayons talking to each other.

 Why don't we take a peek inside and see what the crayons have to say in:

The Crayon Box that Talked
written by Shane DeRolf
illustrated by Michael Letzig

The story starts with a little girl walking through a toy store when she overhears a a box of crayons that has "many things to say".

I begin the story with a plain white page on the magnetic board. It is framed in black because my magnetic board is also white and I wanted it to stand out from the board. It is also lamintaed so that I can add pieces using double-sided tape.

As the little girl listens, she hears the crayons complaining and talking badly about each other:

"I don't like red!" said Yellow.
And Green said, "Nor do I!
And no one here likes Orange,
But no one knows just why."
"We are a box of crayons
That doesn't get along."
Said Blue to all the others, 
"Something here is wrong!"

I take each crayon from "my box" as it talks. And then I put it back into the box.
Each color does not talk in the beginning of the book but they will be used soon ~ keep watching. I promise we will use all of the colors! ;o)

The little girl buys the crayons and takes them home. Then she lays them all out so they can see what she is doing.

This is where I add each crayon to the magnetic board ~ as we name the color and make the ASL sign for it.

The crayons watched as "Green became the grass"

"And Blue became the sky."

"The Yellow sun was shining bright 
On White clouds drifting by."

"Colors changing as they touched,
Becoming something new."

I know my photos aren't the best quality (I'm still learning!) but, hopefully, you can see that each new item is separate and added to the picture using double-sided tape. The illustrations are as similar to the book as I could make them. (I am no artist  but since it is supposed to be a child's drawing. I think I did pretty good. *Shrug*)

Here is the page from the book that I used as my example:

The ending to this book is hard for me not to share with you! But, in the hopes that you will seek out this book to share with the child(ren) in your life, I will just say that it touches your heart and makes it smile. :o)

On that note, I am going to share a couple of ideas to extend this book. I have to move on quickly before my fingers start typing the words at the end of the book...

Aaaaa! It is so hard not to share the ending. Hold on a minute while I put my book away. Be right back!

Okay ~ as long as I don't start typing it from memory, we will be fine. Hmmmmm....

Suggestions for extending the book:

***Let your child draw their own picture with crayons ~ using all of the different colors. As your child is drawing, discuss what the colors might be saying to each other as they work together to create a beautiful picture.

***Cut out your own paper crayons and use them to sing this song:

Little Red Crayon
(Sung to: "Skip to My Lou")

Little red crayon, I love you.
Little red crayon, I love you.
Little red crayon, I love you.
Orange one says ~ "I do, too!"

Little orange crayon, I love you.
Little orange crayon, I love you.
Little orange crayon, I love you.
Yellow one says ~ "I do, too!"

Continue singing through all of the colors that you choose. 
You can have your child(ren) hold up the correct paper crayon as you sing about its color.

Final verse:
Little purple crayon, I love you.
Little purple crayon, I love you.
Little purple crayon, I love you.
Everyone says ~ "We do, too!"

I used our Ellison diecuts to create all of my crayons and the envelope in the pictures above. My storytime friends decorated the envelope to make it look like their very own crayon box. It was fun to see how different each "box" was and the children were adorable carrying their crayons out the door! So cute!

I hope you have a COLOR-filled weekend! 
And, as always,



  1. This is one of my favorite kids' books! :) Thanks for sharing - loved reading through this! Happy Weekend!

  2. Found you on the weekend blog walk.

    What a sweet book, I've never heard of it. Will definitely have to track down a copy.

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    Stopping by from the Mom's Mingle Monday.

    Forgetful Momma

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  10. I loved this book with my kids when they were little!! It is such a great tale- your activity goes with it so PERFECTLY!!!

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