Monday, May 7, 2012

Activity: We're Going on a Bug Hunt

This past Friday, I shared some colorful and sparkly bugs for the Flannel Friday Round-up. I used them for several activities and songs during my Family Storytime on Thursday night and the little ones really loved them.

Here is one of the fun activities we did with them:

We're Going on a Bug Hunt!

We're going on a bug hunt!
We're going to catch a big one!
What a sunny day!
Are you ready? 

Oh, my! A ladybug!
A red and black ladybug
Crawling on a leaf.
Crawl, crawl, crawl!
Repeat chorus.

Oh, my! A firefly!
A brown and yellow firefly
Flickering in the sky.
Flicker, flicker, flicker! 
Repeat chorus.

Oh, my! A bumblebee!
A black and yellow bumblebee
Buzzing through the air.
Buzz, buzz, buzz!
Repeat chorus.

Oh, my! A grasshopper! 
A big, green grasshopper
Hopping through the grass.
Hop, hop, hop!
Repeat chorus.

Oh, my! A dragonfly!
A shimmery, purple dragonfly
Darting across the sky.
Dart, dart, dart!
Repeat chorus.

Oh, my! A butterfly!
A beautiful, orange butterfly
Fluttering through the air.
Flutter, flutter, flutter!
Repeat chorus.

Oh, my! A spider!
A huge, black spider
Spinning on its web!
Spin, spin, spin!

I think it is time to go home now!

Bye, huge, black spider!
Bye, beautiful, orange butterfly!
Bye, shimmery, purple dragonfly!
Bye, big, green grasshopper!
Bye, black and yellow bumblebee!
Bye, brown and yellow firefly!
Bye, red and black ladybug!

See you on our next bug hunt!

I hope you enjoy going on a Bug Hunt with your child/ren! For more learning with Bugs, be sure to check out the Bugs ABC'S Blog Hop


You'll find suggestions for Activities, Books, Crafts, and Snacks that are all about creepy-crawling BUGS and flying-through-the-sky BUGS!

Enjoy! And, as always,



  1. Thank you so much for sharing your ideas and pictures!

    1. You are very welcome! I am having lots of fun posting to the blog. I have so many ideas! I hope you will visit again soon. :o)

  2. What a wonderful idea! Love this and I'm sure the children did too!! Would you have templates for your flannel bugs?