Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Guest Post: Five Pairs of Socks

Happy Flannel Friday!

I am sharing another special Guest Post this week from our recent First Annual Storytime Swap. :-)  
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Planning is underway for another swap.
It will be soon!
 And it is in honor of Flannel Friday's birthday!

Okay, back to the regularly scheduled program. This swap item was sent from Katie B. to Tami.

Look at this! 

Katie B. created a washing machine for Tami
Isn't it fun?!??!

She also made some very colorful socks:

The socks were made to be used with this rhyme that Katie B.  really likes and "has used in getting dressed storytimes, underwear storytimes, boot storytimes, etc."

Five Pairs of Socks

Five pairs of socks on my bedroom floor
Mom washed the blue pair and then there were four!

Four pairs of socks on my bedroom floor
Mom washed the yellow pair then there were three!

One pair of dirty socks on my bedroom floor
Mom washed the rainbow pair, my favorite pair of all!

No more dirty socks; Mom washed them all today
But wait until tomorrow, there's more on the way!

This is what else Katie B. had to say about her swap item:
"I have a set of socks that I typically use with this rhyme, and when I saw the post that Miss Mary Liberry made about the super cute felt washing machine that she made, it made me think how much fun it would be to create something similar and try some different activities with my socks. For the swap, I made a smaller washing machine which is covered in grey felt and a set of socks that can be used for this rhyme or for a matching game, or whatever else you can think of!"

A special thanks to Katie B. for participating in the Storytime Swap and for sharing her idea with all of us. I can't wait to make my own washing machine and cute socks, ;o)

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