Sunday, January 6, 2013

Guest Post: The Cats of Roy G. Biv

Today, I am sharing another special Guest Post from our recent First Annual Storytime Swap. :-)
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Planning is underway for another swap.
It will be soon!
 And it is in honor of Flannel Friday's birthday!

Okay, back to this particular swap. 

The featured item in this blog was sent from Margaret Ann to Monica

Margaret Ann says that she made "14 hand-cut cats in different colors. They measured approximately 3 1/2". They are numbered with fabric paints." 

So many colorful cats!

She also sent along an original poem!

"The Cats of Roy G. Biv"

I have a red cat.
We went to dine at half-past nine,
Me and my red cat.

I have an orange cat ...
I have a yellow cat ...
I have a green cat ...
I have a blue cat ...
I have an indigo cat ...
I have a violet cat ...

Last verse (all cats go on the board) :

I have a RAINBOW of cats.
We went to dine at half-past nine,
Me and my rainbow of cats.

I love the simple shape of the cats. It is perfect for a flannel set that can be passed out to the little ones so that they can bring them up to the board at the appropriate time. So many wonderful possibilities for this set of delightful kitties!

Thank you to Margaret Ann and Monica for participating in our First Annual Storytime Swap. It has been a wonderful experience due to all of the creative participants!

I am really looking forward to our next swap! How about you? I hope you will consider joining us!

Have a lovely week!

And, as always, 


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