Saturday, August 4, 2012

Fun Finds: Pirate Magic

On my latest trip to our local Michael's store, I found some awesome Fun Finds! I am only going to share one in this post but be on the look out for the others. They are just as awesome as this one!

If you are new to my blog and don't know what I mean by Fun Finds ~ just click here for an explanation. 

I am planning a couple of Pirate Storytimes over the next few weeks so any pirate-y items or ocean-themed items are definitely on my radar. :o)

The item I bought today is:

Magic Paint Posters
with a pirate theme!

Now, I have used this item before ~ as a prize at one of our Literacy Parties and as a craft for our Family Storytimes ~ so it wasn't a surprise to me. 

What blew me away today was the price!

Normally, they are around $1.00 for the package ~ which isn't a bad price for 12 little posters ~ especially when you can split them up and give them to 12 different storytime friends! 

But today, they were only...

Are you ready for this?

30 cents!

Whoo hooo!

Who can pass up prizes or crafts at less than 3 cents per child?!??!!???!!

If you have never seen Magic Paint Posters before,  they are small posters about 5" by 6" in size. At the bottom of each one, there is a paint palette.

To activate the paints, you just dip a paintbrush or cotton swab into plain water and brush it across the color that you want to use. Rinse your brush/swab after each color or use a different one for each color. It is as easy as that! 

The ease of use is one reason that parents like these little posters but another reason is the easy clean up. They are almost mess free! Just  use a disposable cup for water (it doesn't take much!) and be sure to lay out some papertowels or newspaper on the table before your child starts painting. Then all you have to do is toss everything (except the paintbrush) when you are done. I also like to encourage parents to have extra paper available for their child to continue painting when they are done with the poster. S/he will really enjoy some "freestyle" painting! ;o)

I love giving these out as prizes because using a cotton swab or paintbrush to paint these pictures is a fun way to promote the fine motor co-ordination a child needs to write. And it encourages the eye-hand co-ordination that is a pre-writing skill, as well.

The children LOVE them because they get a chance to paint! And what child doesn't like to paint???

The Magic Paint Posters come in several different themes ~ like dinosaurs and princesses ~  so I recommend a quick trip to your local Michael's if these interest you at all. Hopefully, you will be able to get the same awesome price that I did!

Oh, by the way, when I give them as prizes, I roll them up and tie a curly ribbon around them. It makes them look really special!

Now that's a FUN FIND, don't you think?

I hope you have a wonderful evening with your family!

And, as always,


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  1. Sweet deal!!! Wish my nearest Michael's and Hobby Lobby was closer than 2 1/2 hours. I know your kiddos will enjoy!