Sunday, August 12, 2012

Fun Find: Monster Puppets

Recently while at my local WalMart, I wandered down their Clearance aisle and came across a cool Fun Find.

If you are new to my blog and don't know what I mean by a Fun Find ~ just click here for an explanation. 

I usually do several Monster Storytimes throughout the year but the ones I always go all out on are in October ~ right around Halloween

I delight in finding new ideas to add something extra to my Monster Storytimes so I was excited to find this package of Monster Finger Puppets.

It is a kit that contains four different monster puppets and a set of markers.

These cute finger puppets could be used as a quick, simple craft at a storytime or party. Or they could be fun, unique giveaways or party treats.

I was able to pick them up for $2.00 a box ~ which breaks down to .50 a piece. Not bad!

But ~ I only bought one box for several reasons:

First, there were quite a few boxes of them and I think they will go down in price over the next few weeks. I'm waiting for an even better deal!

Second, I really only needed one box to put in my ideas file. I like the way the puppets are made and, since they are just a black and white print on heavy paper, I could actually create my own. 

I am brainstorming ideas for my own monster puppets. I am thinking that just an outline of the puppet shape with the two holes in it for the fingers would be perfect for the foundation of a very creative craft. I could just set out all kinds of paper or fabric scraps and tidbits like sparkles, stickers, and maybe wiggly eyes ~ then let my storytime friends create their own monster puppets! How much fun would that be?

I enjoy sharing my Fun Finds with you. :o)  I hope you are able to take advantage of a few of them for yourself!

Keep your eyes open for some great Fun Finds as you shop for Back-to-School. I would love to hear about any Fun Finds that you come across. Please share them in the comments below. :o) And be sure to check back for more future Fun Finds from me!

Have a lovely day!

And, as always,

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