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Flannel Friday Round-Up, February 21, 2013

Are you ready for this week's Flannel Friday Round-Up?

Here it is!


Lisa from Thrive After Three has used puffy paints to create some very detailed animals who are enjoying a lively sled ride in the book, Ten on a Sled, by Kim Norman.
Meg from Miss Meg's Storytime brings us two germy ideas this week just in time for National Children's Dental Health Month. The first is a "great visual" that will help even your toddler friends learn about brushing teeth. The second is a flannel board version of Five Little Germs.
Kathryn from Fun with Friends at the Storytime is sharing her own adorable felt version of a  rhyme written by her co-worker, Mr. Thad. The rhyme is Five Dalmatians and is perfect for lots of different storytime themes like ~ dogs, pets, fire safety, spots, etc. Oh, and you just gotta love those googly eyes!

Christine from Felt Board Ideas was inspired this week by the librarian who did storytime during her daycare's visit to the library. Christine recognized the classic song, Slippery Fish, but was introduced to a new song that she had not heard before ~ Five Little Fishies Swimming in the Sea. Such fun ocean animals with more googly eye fun!

Katie from Story Time Secrets shares a very interactive version of one of her storytime staples, Bumpin' Up and Down in My Little Red Wagon. Katie even includes a link to a Raffi video for the hand motions to this lively song. By the way, in case you are curious ~ "Miss Katie's gonna fix it with her hammer..."

Anne from itsybitsymom has taken advantage of some "tough" weather in her area and she has been busily working on several felt sets inspired by other Flannel Friday-ers. The one she has for us this week is based on the book, Not a Stick, by Antoinette Portis. Lots of different mediums were used in her highly creative pieces!

Congratulations to Amy from The Show Me Librarian for completing her "month two of felt story goal" with such a cute version of one of my favorite color stories ~ Dog's Colorful Day by Emma Dodd. Amy's storytime friends are going to really enjoy all her hard work! If you don't have your own version Dog and all his colorful spots then your storytime friends are definitely missing out. 

Bridget from What Is Bridget Reading? was once again Flannel Friday-inspired to create some very colorful and sparkly goldfish. I am totally impressed with her "metallic glittery puff paint" prowess and you will be, too!

Kristen from Library Village is sharing a simple guessing game ~ Where's Duck? ~ that will work with babies and toddlers. This "quick to make" activity set will set you on your way to an exciting and very welcome Spring storytime session. It is a very versatile set and Duck is so sweet, isn't she?

Linda from Notes From the Story Room gives a shout-out to another Flannel Friday-er, Jane, for her inspiring felt work. She also mentions and links up several ways to make different styles of storytelling sets. Then she shares her favorite way to "quickly" make pieces for your flannel board using interfacing. Linda provides some wonderful tips for making and storing your interface pieces.

Guess who is next in our Round-Up. It's the aforementioned flannel-inspiring Jane from Piper Loves the Libray! Welcome back, Jane! You were missed! 
She is joining the Round-Up this week with an informative post about serving on the Cybil Awards Committee as a finalist judge. What a cool experience! 
Congratulations, Jane
You did a wonderful job!
And the winner is...

Lauren from The Dilley Dally is a first time contributor this week. Welcome to Flannel Friday! Apparently, Lauren is resourceful as well as being organized enough to be preparing for summer already. Very impressive! After not being able to find a scientist flannel, she created her own ~ 5 Little Scientists. It is adorable, too!

Another warm welcome to Melody who is also joining the Flannel Friday Round-Up for the first time this week. She is a Guest Poster on my blog, Storytime ABC'S. Melody is sharing a cute magnetic board set and rhyme that she uses for reinforcing color recognition in her PreK classroom.  The rhyme is Color Cats and the magnetic cats are very simple to make using a diecut machine.

My share this week is another Blast from the Past with a little updating. ;o) It is all about Felt Cutting Tips with an invitation to answer a simple question ~ Is anyone interested in a 2nd annual Storytime Swap? If you are curious about what that might be, just click here for more information about the First Annual Storytime Swap. It was really fun!

Thank you for stopping by for the Round-Up. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed bringing it all together!

*A HUGE thank you to everyone who took the time to contribute this week!*

**You each deserve major kudos for your AWE-inspiring creations!**
***THANK YOU!***

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  1. My first time participating in flannel friday! 5 Little Scientists, laminated cardstock for flannel board.