Friday, January 24, 2014

Storytime Prop ~ I'm Bringing Home a...

This week I am sharing a Blast From the Past that has been tweaked for my Penguin programs this month. It is a Storytime Prop but I also use it as a craft for my Family Storytime friends.

What do you think is inside this egg?

Why it's a Baby Penguin!

Here is the song that I use with my little baby penguin puppet:

I'm Bringing Home a ...
(Sung to: "I'm Bringing Home a Baby Bumblebee")

Look what I found!
(The words in purple are spoken.)

I'm bringing home a very unusual egg.
Won't my mommy sigh and tap her leg?
I'm bringing home a very unusual egg.
Crack! Crack! Crack!

Uh-oh! It's hatching!
(Open the egg slowly.)

And it's a penguin baby!

I'm bringing home a little penguin baby.
Won't my mommy let me keep it? Maybe?!??!
I'm bringing home a little penguin baby.
Cheep! Cheep! Cheep!

Oh, look!
(Take the penguin out of the egg.)

It might be hard to see but the body
and wings of this little guy are a dark gray
and the head is black.

It's ready to waddle!

My little baby penguin loves to waddle round.
Just watch him go so quickly cross the ground.
My little baby penguin loves to waddle round.
Waddle! Waddle! Waddle!

My storytime friends fell in love with this little dude and were very excited to make their own egg and baby penguin to take home. They also took home a flyer with the above song and the rhyme below. While saying the rhyme, they all made their little penguins waddle, swim and climb. So adorable!

(a penguin version of "There Was a Little Turtle)

There was a little penguin 
Who waddled when she walked.
She swam in the ocean 
And she climbed on some rocks.
She snapped at seagull.
She snapped at a seal.
She snapped at a fish.
Mmmmm, what a meal!

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  1. Such a sweet, sweet little craft. I LOVE your blog! Thank you for all that you share on here.