Friday, January 17, 2014

Flannel Games ~ Animals in WHAT?!??!!


"Animals, animals
everywhere -
from A to Z in

The other day a bright and colorful  book arrived on my desk.

The second I saw it, I knew it needed to be flannel-ized for an ABC game for my preschool friends. It is a book that, according to the back cover, "helps kids learn the ABCs in a fresh, new way."
I would totally agree! 
Underwear is definitely a FRESH way to approach the ABCs!
And who better than Todd Parr to make such a book?

Animals in Underwear ABC by Todd Parr
To make my alligator and letter A, I enlarged the picture in the book and cut them out of colorful felt. I then glued the pieces onto stiff black felt to create the outline. Stiff felt also makes the pieces much more durable which is necessary when they will be played with by lots of little hands.

I plan to make all the letters and animals over the next few weeks. I will be back to update the post as I get them done. 

It is going to be a great felt set to use when sharing the book. I think I will pass out the animals to my storytime friends before reading the book. Then as I put the letters up and show the pictures, each child can bring up the appropriate animal. Should be fun with lots of laughter!

For the game aspect, I will be placing all the pieces out at our large flannel board and allow our library families to match the letters to the animals. I also think the animals could be used for a sorting game by underwear ~ too funny! Sometimes kids will surprise you with the way they sort things. Some might sort by colors or by stripes but, if you do this sorting activity with a child, I recommend that you let the child take the lead and tell you how they want to sort the animals and their underwear. You just might learn something new!

Thanks for stopping by this Friday! 

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  1. What creative ideas for turning a book into games! We love Todd Parr at our house but I haven't seen this particular book. Headed to the bookstore to find it. Thanks!

    1. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. I appreciate your kind words. :o)

      Have a lovely week,
      ~ K ~

  2. I need to run out and get this book too! Like, right NOW! Thanks for introducing us.

    1. So, I did. I ran out, bought the book, and proceeded to make ALL of the animals and letters yesterday. Thanks again for the inspiration!

    2. Wow! I am still working on mine. I can't believe you made ALL of them already!

      I hope your storytime friends enjoy them as much as I know my friends will.
      Have a wonderful day!
      ~ K ~