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Flannel Friday: Giggling Ghost Fun!

It's Friday again!

Time for some 



Giggling Ghosts

Last week I presented some unusual "ghostly props" that were lots of fun with the little ones so... this week, I would like to share another equally fun "ghostly prop" for storytimes that is actually a "ghostly POP" ~ as in lollipop! :o)

 It is a
"Giggling Ghost Pop

Yum! Yum!

I use this prop to help me introduce the idea of Halloween to even my youngest groups of storytime friends. It provides an age-appropriate way to talk about all the scary things we all see around us at this time of year. Remember, no matter how hard a parent might try, their child will encounter "scary" or "spooky" things on television, in the stores, at other people's homes, etc. 

***It is practically impossible to shelter a child completely from Halloween images.*** 

Because of this near impossiblility, I try each year to empower the parents at my storytimes by sharing ways that they can help their child/ren to deal with this time of year.

My Giggling Ghost Pop is made from a large lollipop and other items you will probably find around your home, classroom, or library. Here is a list of supplies for my large Giggling Ghost Pop:

Large lollipop
Two sheets of white paper towels
Thin ribbon (Mine is purple)
Black marker

To make the Giggling Ghost Pop:

1.  First, lay the paper towels on top of each other ~ kind of cattywompus. Then lay the large lollipop in the center.

2. Wrap the paper towels around the large lollipop and tie with the ribbon tightly around the top of the stick. 

3. Last ~ but not least! ~ draw a silly ghost face with the black marker.

Now, the Giggling Ghost Pop is ready for some storytime fun!

I begin the ghostly portion of my storytime by talking about all the scary things that we see around us at this time of year. I ask if the children have ever looked closely at the things that are spooky or scary to them. After a short discussion, I mention that:

"Sometimes ~ when we think something is spooky or scary, it really isn't! 

To see what I mean, let's take a look at a silly ghost. (I bring the ghost pop out from behind my back and yell, "BOO!") 

Was that scary?

Well, this is a silly ghost. He is lots of fun to play with. He likes to fly around as I say this fun rhyme":

The Ghosts Fly In

The ghosts fly in.
The ghosts fly out.
The ghosts are certainly
All about!

The ghosts fly high.
Then dive down low.
They're always spooky 
Wherever they go!

The ghost fly around
All dressed in white.
Did you ever see 
Such a spooky sight?

I fly the ghost pop in and out, up and down, and all around as I recite the poem. If the little ones are laughing then I fly it close to them. If they seem a little hesitant then I fly it close to a couple of adults. At the end, I ask if anyone can guess what is underneath my ghost.

I usually get lots of different answers but, almost without fail, I will have at least one child guess correctly. That is when I take the "ghost costume" off the yummy lollipop and we discuss the idea that if you look closer at the things that scare you, you will often find something silly, friendly, or even yummy underneath.

I have had many, many parents over the years come back after Halloween and thank me for this particular discussion. They are often surprised at how well their child understood the idea behind looking closer at what appears to be scary or spooky. Several have shared anecdotes with me about how their child has repeated parts of our storytime discussion to a sibling, a young friend, or even to a grandparent. And many more have reported that their child has wanted to make ghost lollipops for their friends for Halloween! I love that!

As a treat for the end of our Giggling Ghost programs, I do have ghost lollipops and a copy of the rhyme for each child to take home. Sometimes, we have to search our "haunted library" to find the ghost pops. When I do the search, I usually allow the children to find two ghosts ~ one for each hand. 

The smaller ghosts are made with Dum Dum suckers, yarn, and tissues. A very inexpensive and fun treat! I often don't even add a face to the ghosts because I encourage the families to add the faces at home while talking about feelings. One ghost might have a happy face. Another one might be sad, scared, or surprised! Great opportunity for extending the storytime discussion into each home.

I hope you enjoyed our ghostly discussion today. :o) And that you have a SAFE and HAPPY HALLOWEEN next Wednesday! 

And, as always,


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