Sunday, March 25, 2012

Taming the Infamous To-Be-Read Pile

If you are like most Librarians, you have a To-Be-Read pile of books. Or maybe you have two or three TBR piles, like me! 

I am hoping to tame mine a little with the help of some "in the know" guys and gals from a wonderful group called Flannel Friday. If you have read one or two of my other posts, you know that I try to contribute storytime ideas to this group each Friday. I truly admire the participants of Flannel Friday. They are very good at what they do! 


I have asked them to make recommendations ~ of their all-time FAVORITE storytime titles. I can't wait to see which books are recommended!

As the recommendations are shared, I will add them to this post. I will list the titles in alphabetical order by the author ~ I'm thinking that will be the easiest way to list them. I will also highlight a new title by posting it in bold, red letters for the first week that it is added.

Okay, I can hear all the voices in my head (ummmm... maybe I shouldn't admit to that! LOL) saying, "How is this taming the pile?" and "Won't this just mean MORE books for the TBR pile?"

Well, I guess you could say that but...

At least I will feel like I am tackling my TBR pile with a purpose in mind. I would much rather be reading books recommended by the BEST storytime presenters than combing through my library's shelves and reading 10 or more not-so-hot books before finally stumbling across a possible storytime title. If it is highly recommended by someone who has used it for their storytimes before then it is more likely a good choice. 

I guess you could say that I am taming my STORYTIME TBR pile more than anything. By doing that, I will have more time to tame my other TBR piles. ;-) And who doesn't want more time to read for pleasure?

Please be sure to bookmark this post and check back often. You won't want to miss any new titles!

Btw, if you came to this blog through other means than the Flannel Friday group and you want to recommend a good title for storytimes, please leave a comment below or contact me at storytimeabcs(at)gmail(dot)com. I would love to read your recommendations, too!

Here goes:

Recommended Storytime Books
(Listed alphabetical by author then alphabetically by the title.)

Boynton, Sandra
Blue Hat, Green Hat
recommended by Sharon H
Sharon says, "We scanned the book to make it
larger and made it into storycards."

Carle, Eric

The Artist Who Painted a Blue Horse
recommended by Lisa Mulvenna

Dream Snow
recommended by Miss Courtney
Miss Courtney likes many of Eric Carle's books
because of the "wonderfully, large illustrations
that are great for storytimes."
Her favorite to just read is Dream Snow.

Crebbin, June
Cows in the Kitchen
recommended by Tracy Login
Tracy says "It's always so much fun!"
She suggests that you sing it and give the kids shakers to shake along.
Feiffer, Jules
Bark, George
recommended by KathyS

Fox, Mem
Where is the Green Sheep?
recommended by Sharon H

Henkes, Kevin
Kitten's First Full Moon
recommended by KathyS

Himmelman, John 
Katie Loves the Kittens
recommended by Leah
Leah says, "Katie's excitement just jumps off the pages."

Katz, Karen
Where is Baby's Belly Button?
recommended by Miss Courtney
Miss Courtney enjoys these "great lift-the-flap books with adorable babies."

Mullens, Kate and Jim
I Stink!
recommended by KathyS

Most, Bernard
Cock-A Doodle Moo
recommended by KathyS

Shaw, Charles
It Looked Like Spilt Milk
recommended by Miss Courtney
Miss Courtney says that this is her "favorite open-ended, interactive book to read."

Shea, Bob
New Socks
recommended by Sharon H

Waring, Richard
The Hungry Hen
recommended by Monica Stranton
Monica says, "I absolutely adore that book."


  1. How about my favorite storytime authors? Eric Carle has wonderfully, large illustrations that are great for storytimes. Sometimes, I use them for songs without reading any of the text. My favorite of his to just read is Dream Snow.
    Karen Katz has great lift-the-flap books with adorable babies. I have several for holidays I keep on a shelf in my office. My favorite of hers is Where is Baby's Belly Button?

    My favorite open-ended, interactive book to read is It Looked Like Spilt Milk by Charles Shaw.

    1. Miss Courtney, thank you for stopping by and sharing your favorites. You picked some of my favorites, too! Eric Carle and Charles Shaw were authors that I included in my Awesome Authors book studies when I taught preschool. Great classics! Karen Katz wasn't around then but she would be included if I did one now. I LOVE her babies! So cute!

  2. My faves:

    Bark, George! by Jules Feiffer

    Kitten's First Full Moon by Kevin Henkes

    I stink! by Kate McMullan

    Any of the Minerva Louise books by Janet Stoeke

    Cock-a-doodle Moo! by Bernard Most

    1. Thank you, KathyS, for stopping by and sharing your recommendations with us!

      I have added your "favs" to the blog. :-)

  3. Where is the Green Sheep? by Mem Fox
    Blue Hat, Green Hat by Sandra Boynton (we scanned the book to make it larger and made it into storycards)
    New Socks by Bob Shea

    1. Sharon H, thank you so much for your recommendations. I have added them to the list.

      I haven't read New Socks so I am looking forward to checking it out. :-)

  4. My favourite is "Where is the Green Sheep" (and my two year old loves it as well). Glad to see others do too and thanks for such a great list.

    1. Hi, Andrew! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. :0)

      Do you have any other books that you enjoy reading with your two year old? I'd love to share them on our list. Two year olds are good judges of books, don't you think? ;0) LOL!

  5. My favorite Storytime book among many others is "Katie Loves the Kittens" by John Himmelman. Katie's excitement just jumps off the pages.

    1. Thank you, Leah, for visiting and for leaving a recommendation. I will be adding your suggestion soon. :o)

      If you want me to link your suggestion to your blog, just let me know.

    2. Thanks for the offer, but I haven't started a blog yet, just follow many. :)