Sunday, March 18, 2012

Book: More "bananas!"

Gerald and Piggie are friends ~ despite all of their differences. 

And there are MANY!

Gerald is gray and an elephant. Piggie is pink and a pig. Gerald is a very cautious elephant! He is sometimes too cautious for Piggie who is an impulsive pig. They often see things from totally different views ~ which can put a strain on their friendship at times

But ~ Gerald and Piggie are best friends! They continually work through their differences. And they have many fun, exciting adventures together in their "Easy Reader" series written by Mo Willems

The series is very attractive to beginning readers for several reasons. It is fun and often silly. The pages are simple and uncluttered. Also, the words are well-chosen and easy for young readers to recognize. 

Throughout the book series, Mo Willems expertly shares Gerald's and Piggie's authentic emotions. The myriad of emotions experienced by the friends is clearly shown by their expressions. 

The illustrations and the words fit together with ease. And Mo Willems, not-surprisingly, brings these best friends to life in the reader's mind!

One of my favorite titles from the series is:

We Are in a Book!

In this particular book, the reader watches as Gerald and Piggie discover that they are being read! Their reactions are intriguing and the reader will want to keep turning the pages to find out what happens next ~ especially when Piggie has a funny idea! 

But, wait! If the reader keeps turning the pages then the book will end. What happens when a book ends?!!?? Gerald is suddenly panicked! What can they do? 

Well... you will have to read the book to find out!

And in case you are wondering about the banana in the picture and the title of this post, More 'bananas!", that is also something you will have to read the book to find out about! 


***By the way, if you like We Are in a Book!, you might want to search out an older book with a similar theme ~ The Monster at the End of This Book. This was my younger brother's favorite book and is still popular with young children in my storytimes today.

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