Friday, March 1, 2013

Flannel Friday: Little Stegosaurus


Are you ready to 

The summer is fast approaching ~ for Children's Librarians anyway! Now is the time for all Children's Librarians to be thinking and planning for their Summer Reading Programs. To help everyone along, the Flannel Friday group is doing a Dig into Reading Extravaganza!

Even if you are not planning for Summer Reading yet or not planning for this particular theme ~ or even if you are not a Children's Librarian at all ~ I am positive that you will still find some wonderful ideas throughout this Extravaganza
So... be sure to check them all out!

My contribution this week has to do with Dinosaurs! 

Or, really just my two favorite ones, in particular:



T. Rex

I use these two colorful guys for a Dino song. The original version of the song has been around for a very looooong time! It is Little Bunny Foo Foo. But the one I am sharing today is even older ~ it is the prehistoric version. (Ooops, sorry for the pun. :o} I couldn't help myself!)

Little Stegosaurus
(Sung to: "Little Bunny Foo Foo")

Little Stegosaurus 
Romping through the forest,
Munching on some green leaves 
From morning until night.
Out came a T. Rex 
And he said,
"Little Stegosaurus,
I don't want to see you
Munching on my green leaves 
From morning until night.
I'll give you three chances,
And if you don't stop,
I'm going to eat you for dinner!
Yum, yum, yum!"

The next day...
(repeat two more times ~ changing the number of chances)

On the last verse, have the Stegosaurus run from the T. Rex as you say, "Run, Stegosaurus, run!" instead of "Yum, yum, yum!"

This can be done using a flannel board, a magnetic board, or even using puppets. I have some awesome Folkmanis dinosaur puppets that are fun to use. 

Most of the time, I like to make Dino popsicle stick puppets to use because then I can have each child make their own as the take-home from storytime. :o) 

Which then can lead into another song that has been tweaked to go along with the Dinosaur theme. You can find the other song  ~ and more ~ here in a past post.

Don't you just love digging up some Dinosaur fun? 

I also did some "digging around" for other topics for this theme. Here are a few more past links to share that might contribute to Summer Reading programs: Prickly Pokey Fun with porcupines, a Guest Post featuring The Vegetable Song, digging for treasure with Pirates and more Pirates, and exploring the dirt with Wiggly Worms or Muddy Pigs or even Frogs in a bog.

I hope this helps with your Summer Reading plans. Have fun!

And , as always,


This week's Flannel Friday Round-Up is being hosted by Lisa on her blog, Libraryland. Be sure to check out all the Dig into Reading excitement.


  1. I have to say that I love your graphics. That's my goal in year 2 of blogging-better graphics.

  2. I totally dig those dinosaurs! ~ jane

  3. I just did a Dinosaur Storytime last week, but I think with your 2 ideas -Little Stegosaurus and the Dinosaur Egg Puppet I may have to do it again this summer! Thank you so much for sharing this FUN stuff to use with our kiddos at library story time. I really appreciate you taking the time to post on your blog.