Friday, August 24, 2012

Flannel Friday: Apple Surprise!

My apologies, in advance, for the very simple post this week!

I stayed home from work today with a sprained ankle. Seems like the perfect day to stay in bed, right?!??!!

Well, being a Mom doesn't allow for sprained ankles so I didn't get to put my ankle up until this afternoon. When I finally settled onto my bed to put my feet up, I thought I would finish my Flannel Friday post ~ only to discover that my laptop has a virus! Uuuggghhh!!!

I've given up on waiting for the virus scan to finish ~ it has been hours. :o{ I have decided to try posting a blog post from my IPod.

I actually found an App for that! ;o) So here we go:

This week I made a bright red apple puppet for my upcoming Fall storytimes.

Eeeew! The apple has a brown spot inside. Oh, wait! What is that brown spot?

It's a worm!

But ~ he is a cute worm, don't you think? Well, as cute as any worm can be...

I'll try to post the directions for making my Apple Surprise puppet and the rhymes that I use with it as soon as I get access to my laptop again or as soon as I can sit at my desk computer without my ankle throbbing.

Enjoy your weekend!
And, as always,


I finally found some time to add one of my fingerplays that I use with this puppet.
I hope you like it!


There was a roly-poly worm
Who wiggled all around.
One day he saw a bright red apple
Sitting in the ground.
"Oh! I love apples!" said the worm
And opened his mouth wide.
He munched right through the apple,
And peeked out the other side.

This next one was shared in the comments below by Steff.
Thank you for sharing it with us, Steff!

I saw an apple on the ground.
It looked delicious, all red and round.
I picked it up and took a nibble ---
Oh, my goodness!
There was a worm in the middle!

I do have another rhyme but I need to find it.
I'll post it soon so watch for another update!



  1. Love these simple, colourful (aussie spelling) apple shapes... they look so effective. Found you through pinterest and my love of books. network follower. cheers

    1. Hi, Lesley! I am very excited to see that I have a follower from Australia. I hope you enjoy the blog.

      Thank you for stopping by and leaving such a kind comment.
      Enjoy your weekend!
      ~ K ~

  2. Oh he cute!! And he made me laugh. I know kids would love it. Looking forward to your rhymes.

    1. Thank you, Leah! He was definitely fun to make and even **funner** to use! LOL My storytime friends love him.

      I will try to post the rhymes soon.

      Have a wonderful weekend!
      ~ K ~

  3. Holy crud do I want this pattern!!!! So awesome

    1. Hi, Tara! You made my day with your comment. :o) You sure made me smile!

      Send me an email at and I will send you the pattern as soon as I go back to work next week.

      Have a lovely weekend!
      ~ K ~

  4. This flannel manipulative would be perfect for "I saw an apple on the ground; it looked delicious, all red and round, I picked it up and took a nibble -- oh, my goodness, there was a worm in the middle."

    1. Very cute rhyme! It is perfect for this puppet. :o) Thank you for sharing it with me! I'll try to update my post soon to include it. Do you have a blog that I can link to when giving you credit for the rhyme?

      Thanks again!
      ~ K ~

    2. Steff - Is this an original rhyme? I am going to print it for kids for a finger puppet activity and want to credit you...

  5. Just adding a second comment: If you shape the seeds in a star pattern, you could also use this flannel apple for the story of the little red house with no windows, no doors, a chimney on top and a star inside.. and make the worm a separate piece to move around inside, covering the stars or not.

    1. Ooooh! Another awesome suggestion! Thank you for sharing it!

      It has been years since I thought about the story of the little red house with no windows. I used to use it every Fall when I taught preschool. Ummmm, I'm not sure if I remember all the details. Would you might sending me a copy of it? My email is I would really appreciate it!

      Thanks again for taking the time to comment. You have some great ideas!
      ~ K ~

  6. Still hoping for a pattern and rhymes.... It's just too darn cute!

    1. Tara, do I have your email?

      I can't seem to find it and I have the pattern ready to send.

      Just send an email to with "Apple Surprise" in the subject. If I get your email before 5 EST today then I can pop it right back to you. :o)