Saturday, October 12, 2013

Flannel Friday: Monster Mania Fun!

Happy Flannel Friday!

It is time for a little
No, not the game!

Flannel Monster Mania 

To start us off we have a very friendly monster who adores polka dots!

His name is "Baby Moe". My Storytime Friends loved him!
But wait!

I don't see any polka dots. 
Do you?

Well, that's where our Storytime Friends come in on this one.
They each have a small felt circle of different colors. 
They bring them up and add them
 to our friendly little guy as he asks for each color.

Here is the rhyme to share with your Storytime Friends:

I'm a Little Monster
Isn't he sweet with his red polka dots?

I'm a little monster friendly and bright.
I won't give anyone a fright.
I love polka dots but I have none.
So step right up and give me red ones.

I'm a little monster friendly and bright.
I won't give anyone a fright.
I love polka dots but I only have some.
So step right up and give me orange ones.

Continue until each color has been added,
then sing the last verse:

With all his colorful spots added,
he is now ready for the Monster Mash Party!

I'm a little monster friendly and bright.
I won't give anyone a fright.
I love polka dots and I have lots.
Thank  you for my colorful spots.

The idea for a cute polka dotted monster and the words to the activity were originally found here on a past Flannel Friday post. And I have seen the words shared on another site (which I can't find at the moment) where they were presented as a piggyback version of "I'm a Little Teapot". 

I decided to make my own monster and to just tweaked the song a little ~
as I am known to do! 

I just changed a couple of things ~ including the last verse ~ and I recited it as a rhyme rather than singing it.

We also had some familiar monster come to visit us at our Storytime.

Elmo, Telly Monster, and Cookie Monster!

First we did a count-up rhyme and added each monster friend to the board one by one. Then we did a monster-version of "Five Little Monkeys" with just our three friendly monsters (count-down song). This fun song lead into our second book of the evening which is fast becoming one of my favorite monster books. It is:
Nighty Night,
Little Green Monster
by Ed Emberley

A felt version of this awesome book is coming soon!

We ended our monster-ific evening with a grrrrr-licious snack and a chance to make our own friendly monsters to take home and play with:

Monster puppet craft and songs to be posted soon!

Thanks for stopping by again this week. Don't forget to check out the rest of the Flannel Friday fun by visiting our host this week, Lisa, at Libraryland.

Have a lovely weekend, everyone! And, as always,



  1. love the polka dot monster one- I am going to ramp it up for my older preschoolers and work in some number rec skills and try it as: I love number dots, so step right up and give me some __ones. and put #'s on the polka dots

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