Friday, July 27, 2012

Flannel Friday: Guest Post ~ Who Am I?

Julie is back again this week with her second Guest Post for the Flannel Friday Round-Up

Welcome back, Julie

If you would like to read a little about Julie's background, you will find it in her first Guest Post here.

Now for Julie's contribution (in her own words):

Hi again I'm happy to be back again this week! At my preschool we do many things based on science. This week I share with you a guessing game we do at circletime. It is Who Am I? I put up animals homes on the flannel board and read a clue then the children tell me which animal lives there. We have fun with it!

Who Am I?
These are the homes.
I live in a house that is shiny and round.
I'm always at home and I don't make a sound.
Who am I?

I live in a hole way up in a tree.
I chatter and scold and eat nuts conastantly.
Who am I?

I have eight long legs and eight tiny eyes.
My home is all sticky - a silky trap for flies.
Who am I?

These are the animals.
I live on a lily pad, I eat lots of flies.
I've got long hind legs and big bulging eyes.
Who am I?

My home is a nest made of twigs, straw and strings.
I chirp happy songs and fly high on my wings.
Who am I?

I take my house with me wherever I go.
I leave shiny trails and I move really slow.
Who am I?

We have more homes and animals but I only do 6 at a time. I teach 3 year olds and 6 is a good number for them. When the children name the correct animal I place it on its home.

The goldfish in his home.
The pieces are made from pellon which is thin and makes tracing the shapes very easy. It sticks to the flannel board, too. This set was made years ago. It still looks pretty good. :)

Thanks to K for letting me guest post again. I like being able to share because I get many good ideas from this group!

Thank you, Julie, for sharing this week! I love this science-based guessing game! Thank you for sharing it.

Last week we had a comment/question for Julie on her Guest Post and I wasn't sure whether or not Julie would see it. She didn't see it and was unaware of it until I mentioned it to her. I asked her this week how she wanted to handle comments/questions and she said ~ that since she is not a blogger yet, she would prefer to get comments/questions through email. Also, she can do email at work during her planning time but is not allowed to access blogs. Connecting through email works best for her, at this time. 

If you have a comment, please feel free to leave it below and I will copy it and email it to Julie. If you want to contact Julie directly, she is fine with me giving out her email upon request but prefers that I not list it on the blog. Please contact me at if you would like to contact Julie directly.

Amanda is hosting the Flannel Friday Round-Up this week, You will find it one her blog, Toddler Tales.

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We can figure out ~ together ~ how to best share your ideas with the group.
I really enjoy hosting Guest Posters. I hope you will consider being one!

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