Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Book Share: Let's Draw Frogs

This morning I was putting books back on the shelves at the library and I came across an interesting frog book. It is actually a bilingual how-to-draw book that is simple enough for even a preschooler. 

The title is Let's Draw a Frog with Ovals and it is written by Kathy Kuhtz

After looking at it, I realized that is one book in a bilingual series called Let's Draw with Shapes. The other books include instructions for drawing a bear, a butterfly, a fish, a horse, and a turtle out of different shapes. It is a clever idea and an unusual way to introduce shapes to young children through drawing popular animals. The step-by-step format is very easy to follow. The directions are written in English and Spanish.

I like the idea of including one of these drawing books in with a few picture books during a storytime. The book could be presented as a draw-and-tell kind of story or just quickly introduced to the parents as a suggestion for books worth checking out that week. 

The last page has an actual photograph of the animal being drawn so it would lead into a short discussion of the characteristics of the featured animal. For example, the last page of the frog book says, "This frog can go up a tree." You could ask your child/ren, "Can  all frogs can go up trees? What kind of frogs live in trees?" Now, you are ready to talk about frog habitats such as trees and ponds. Here is an opportunity to read a picture book like: 

In a Small Small Pond 
by Denise Fleming 


Jump Frog Jump
by Robert Kalan

This is the cover of the Spanish version so this book 
could be used to continue the bilingual aspect.

I will be adding more posts about Activities, Books, Crafts, and Snacks (ABC'S) of the frog theme. Be sure to follow the Frog ABC'S Blog Hop for more ideas or check out the Pinterest board for this Blog Hop by clicking here.

Keep on hopping! Ribbit! Ribbit!

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