Friday, February 10, 2012

Flannel Friday: Valentine Race

Wow! Is it Friday again already?

This week has been CrAzY! But I have a feeling next week will be even crazier ~ especially since Tuesday is Valentine's Day and we have 3 storytimes scheduled for that morning! Whew!

Well, let's get down to business. Since it is Friday ~ that means it is time for Flannel Friday!

My contribution this week is a simple version of a very OLD but extremely FUN fingerplay:


Five little Valentines were having a race.

The first Valentine was frilly with lace.

The second Valentine had a silly face.

The third Valentine said, "I love you!"

The fourth Valentine said, "I do, too!"

The fifth Valentine was as sly as a Fox.
'Cause he ran the fastest to your Valentine box!

The Valentines were easily made from felt. In fact, it was such an easy project that I decided to make a second set out of fun foam for the magnetic board...

I am not sure which I like better. I had fun making both sets. Which set do you like best?

Here is a list of supplies and quick directions to make the felt set.

Supplies Needed:

White felt
Purple felt
Red felt
Pink felt
Yellow felt
Orange felt
Black felt
Pink ribbon
Sticker eyes or wiggly eyes
Black Sharpie
Fuschia Sharpie
Tacky Glue
Sharp scissors


1. Cut the lacy heart out of white felt and a regular heart-shape out of purple felt. Glue the purple onto the center of the lacy heart. Make a small bow out of the pink ribbon and glue onto the lacy heart.

2. Cut a regular heart-shape out of pink felt. Add sticker eyes or wiggly eyes using the glue. Draw on the eyebrows, nose and silly mouth with the black Sharpie.

3. Cut a regular heart-shape out of red felt. Cut a small heart-shape out of pink felt. Glue the small heart in the middle of the large heart. Add the letters and punctuation with the black Sharpie.

4. Cut a regular heart-shape out of yellow felt. Add the letters and punctuation using a fushcia Sharpie. I love this heart because it looks like a candy heart to me. :-)

5. Cut a regular heart-shape out of orange felt. Cut the upper part of the heart shape out of black felt and glue to the top of the orange heart. Cut "cheek" shapes from white felt and glue on. Cut eyes and nose out of black felt and glue on.

Now you have five little Valentines ready for a race!
Have fun!

***I just want to mention my inspiration for the fox heart. This week our storytimes have featured Michael Hall's book, My Heart is Like a Zoo. In his book, there is a "crafty" fox. I thought he was adorable and silly ~ just perfect for our race! What do you think? 

The top fox is made from felt and the fox to the right is made from fun foam.

I really love when I can tie our featured book in with our songs, learning activities like fingerplays and creative movement, and our crafts ~ when possible. These tie-ins help young children stay focused a little longer and help make more connections in their brains so that the children will be able to recall more about the storytime later in the day or week. I believe anything I can do that helps to make those connections possible is well worth the effort. :-)

This week, I was delightfully reminded of how these types of tie-ins were important to one particular storytime friend. One of our regular storytime Moms took this picture of her daughter creating her Lion Puppet at home. They proudly shared the picture with family and friends ~ and ME! ~ on Facebook. It was a sweet surprise because I am usually the one sharing storytime pictures with the families. ;-)

I am hoping to see an increase in the circulation of My Heart is Like a Zoo due to this family's enthusiastic sharing.  I am also hoping to see new families attend the library storytime next week. You just never know... I have already been contacted by a Mom asking for craft directions and the words to the song we sang with the puppet. What an awesome result for such a simple take-home craft!


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  1. What a great rhyme! Those felt pieces are charming! Wow, I will have to keep this one in mind for future Valentine's Day celebrations.

    1. Thanks, Madigan! My storytime friends love this rhyme so much that we have to do it two and sometimes three times. Lol I think it is the pretend running at the end that is so attractive to them. ;-)

  2. Thanks for showing both flannel and foam. I've always wanted to try my hand at using foam pieces. Very cute!

    1. You are so welcome, Mollie Kay. :-) I love making foam pieces when the items are simple. The foam pieces are very durable.

  3. Thank you for sharing the ways that your families are using storytime crafts at home - extending the storytime out of the library and into the home is one of my #1 goals - if the FAMILIES are participating in early literacy, I'm satisfied that I've accomplished something meaningful.

  4. EricaS, thank you for visiting my blog. :-) And for leaving interesting comments.

    I love hearing from my storytime Moms about how their little ones play with a craft or sing a song from storytime. It makes all the work of preparing soooo worth it, doesn't it?

  5. There's so much to say about this blog. I don't think I could say if I liked the foam or flannel pieces better. Thanks for adding the directions for the pieces and also the picture of your craft. It was so helpful.

    1. You are welcome, Leah! It was hard for me to decide which one I liked better until I did a couple of programs... For some reason I kept using the felt hearts for this rhyme. I think Flannel Friday is rubbing off on me more and more each week. LOL

      Btw, thanks for stopping by my blog and for taking the time to comment. :-)