Thursday, January 12, 2012

Activity: Five Little Snowflakes

This particular activity is one that I have been doing at Snow Storytimes for many years and the children love it!

It actually combines 2 fun fingerplays about snowflakes. One is a count-up fingerplay and the other is a count-down fingerplay so the children get the benefit of seeing items increase and then decrease in the same activity.

I usually start off by placing one item on the magnetic board and asking the children what it is. We name it and describe it: 

"What is this?"
"It is a snowflake."
"It is white and sparkly."
"It has 6 points. Let's count them. 1-2-3-4-5-6."
"Where does a snowflake come from? The sky?"
"What else comes from the sky?"
"Is a snowflake wet like the rain?"
"Is a snowflake hot or cold?"
 "Cold like ice?"
"What happens when a snowflake gets warm?"
"Does it melt like ice?'

These are just a few examples of the types of questions and comments we might explore when talking about a snowflake. The length and depth of the exchange always depends on the interest level of the children.  Sometimes we might only be able to say that the snowflake is "white and sparkly" before we have to move on to the actual activity. That is okay! Whatever keeps the children engaged!

***As you say the fingerplay, add or take away a snowflake as indicated by the words.

(Count-up Fingerplay)

One little snowflake with nothing to do,
Along came another and
Then there were two.

Two little snowflakes laughing with me,
Along came another and 
Then there were three.

Three little snowflakes looking for some more,
Along came another and 
Then there were four.

Four little snowflakes dancing a jive,
Along came another and 
Then there were five.
Five little snowflakes having so much fun.
Out came the sun and
Then there were none.

I use this last verse when I do the count-up fingerplay as a stand alone activity. I skip it when I do both the count-up and count-down fingerplays together. You will see why I skip this verse as you read on...

(Count-down Fingerplay)

Five little snowflakes
(Hold up 5 fingers.)
Floating by my door, 
(Move hand in a floating motion.)
One blew away.
(Dramatically move both hands from one side to the other.)
And then there were four.
(Hold up 4 fingers.)
Four little snowflakes
Falling down on me,
(Wiggle fingers down to the floor then point to self.) 
One blew away.
(Dramatically move both hands from one side to the other.)
And then there were three.
(Hold up 3 fingers.)

Three little snowflakes
Falling down on you, 
(Wiggle fingers down to the floor then point to children.) 
One blew away.
(Dramatically move both hands from one side to the other.)
And then there were two.
(Hold up 2 fingers.)

Two little snowflakes
Having lots of fun, 
(Make ASL sign for "play".)
One blew away.
(Dramatically move both hands from one side to the other.)
And then there were one.
(Hold up 1 finger.)

One little snowflake
Lying in the sun, 
(Form a large circle over your head with your arms.)
It melted away.
(Clap hands together.)
And then there were none.
(Hold up closed fist.)

There you have it! A fun count-up/count-down activity for snowflakes. 

Depending on the storytime, I might follow this activity with a well-known Raffi song, Mr. Sun, from his CD, Singable Songs for the Very Young, and talk about the snow melting when the sun comes out and makes it too hot for the snowflakes.

I hope you enjoyed this activity post!

Before I end it, I would like to acknowledge a special group of ladies who inpired me to finally take a chance and start my own Storytime blog. That group is Flannel Friday. (When I figure out how to link to them, I will be back to do that!)

I would especially like to acknowledge Library Quine who has a wonderful blog here:

I encourage you to visit her blog!

She inspired me with her Flannel Friday: Five Little Snowflakes post! I finally gave up my old magentic board snowflakes which had become dull and were all the same design. (See below.)

And, by providing the templates for 5 very beautiful and very different snowflakes, she inspired me to make my wonderful new magnetic board snowflakes. They even glitter and shine!

Thank you, Library Quine!

If you too would like to make 5 different snowflakes for your Snow Storytime, be sure to visit Library Quine and print off her awesome templates by clicking here. (Yay! I think I made a link! LOL)

I know my Storytime friends are going to LOVE these tonight!

Well, that is my first activity post. I hope you enjoyed it!

Please feel free to share any comments or suggestions with me below. 

Also, please feel free to share my blog with any friends who might be interested in activities, books, and crafts for little ones.


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