Saturday, February 23, 2013

Flannel Friday: Guest Post ~ The Funny Little Bunny

We have a returning Guest Post-er this week ~ Julie! Yay!

Julie is a preschool teacher who says she gets lots of ideas from our Flannel Friday Round-Ups each week. She has been a Guest on my blog two other times so this will be the third time! You can see Julie's earlier posts by clicking on the title: Five Little Seeds and Who Am I?

Welcome, Julie

I am always curious to see what Julie has to share with us. Here is her contribution:

Hi! I'm happy to be back again. Things are wild for me at my school. I'm teaching different age than I'm used to teaching. It makes things wild for me! I still follow Flannel Friday each week. I share the ideas with my coworkers but the wildness keeps me from posting but I enjoy reading the ideas. 

This week I decide I am sharing. I was searching through our school's old stuff for bunny ideas. I find one that I love so I will share it with you this week. 

The pieces are made from Pellon. It is thin so good for tracing pictures and it sticks to the flannel board. I did not make this but I have copy of pieces that go with the story. It looks like pieces were traced and filled in with colored pencils. It looks very good! Still bright and pretty!

The story that goes with pieces is The Funny Little Bunny Who Just Loved Honey. It is an European Folktale adapted by Jean Warren. We have lots of her things in our idea files. 

The story is about a bunny who wants honey so bad that he sneaks in a bear's cave to steal it. The bear sets a trap where honey falls on the bunny and makes him stick to whatever he touches. He can't move or get loose! Bear comes back and decides to eat bear stew for dinner and starts a fire. Bear leaves to get vegetables for the stew. The heat melts the honey so bunny can get away and bunny says he will never steal honey again. He only eats vegetables.

Cute story! We will have fun with it! It is good for lesson in not going in other people's homes and taking things that are not yours. It will work good with Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We will use pieces for retelling story for our language center.

Hope you like this and can use it. Thanks to K for letting me share again in Guest Post. I like to share and will try to share more again soon.

Thank you, Julie

It is a cute story. :o) You have good timing, too. I am just beginning to start my planning for our Easter and Spring storytimes. This story would work well for either theme!

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  1. Cute story!! I love the blog hop idea, Easy to visit other posts!!! Do you accept guest posters often? Don't have a blog but I do have lots of ideas!!! Can we talk?

    1. Hi again, Melissa! I'm happy to see you are visiting other posts already. :o)

      Yes, I accept Guest Posters any time. Are you interested in joining a Flannel Friday Round-Up or just sharing a literacy idea at any time? Either one works for me! My email is

      Email me anytime. I look forward to chatting with you!
      ~ K ~